your one in a million

I'm no-one special , but i know many people that are .
This time last year i heard about PMP for the first time in my life, my mam was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma at Christies hospital in England . I am 22 , my mam is 47 . Through being with her every step of the way in her battle of this confusing + rare 'condition' , i have met some of the bravest , brightest + most inspirational people of my life . i know how lost + dark the days can seem sometimes , for both the diagnosed + their family + friends . so this is for everyone affected in someway from PMP or any other cancer, to make them smile , offer comfort + to let you know your really not alone .


keeshamist said...

Well done Sara ... great idea!
I'll bet Jayne is really proud of you (I think your Mum is the Jayne I have on my friend's list on Facebook?)
My blogspot is
http://www.keeshamist-pmp.blogspot.com and I am an 8 year survivor (May 25th)

Keep up with all the inspirational stuff ... it will brighten the day of people who really need it!

Aussie Hugs, Kay :)

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful.

Sharon said...

Nice post.