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The other day i was contacted by Jacki Donaldson, a wonderfully brave & inspirational woman whom on december 3rd 2009 , celebrated her '5 year cancerversary'. This strong woman has not only fought her way through some very dark days but she has been brave & determined enough to be able to document her 'battle', stating that she hopes by doing so "it will increase the amount of women who do self-exams" , "it will arm others with information to help loved ones who are affected by this common disease" and "spread hope". Reading her posts you feel like you know Jacki , you become familiar with her mater-of-fact way of looking at cancer, you feel warm when she speaks so highly and lovingly of her two boys , clearly the light of her life, and you smile & laugh at her wit and humour that surely not only saw her through the last 5 years ; but her readers also . Anyone dealing with or supporting someone with cancer should read http://cancerspot.org/ . Its not dark & gloomy , its bright , beautiful and full of hope - just like Jacki.

"I trust that I will be fine in the end. And I trust that I was given this fight so I can help others.
That is why I have written this."

- Jacki Donaldson, December 21st 2004

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