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maniania said...

wow, great blog! very inspiring

Unknown said...

these pictures are very inspirational. I love flickr and tumblr! x

Unknown said...

Ooh! Such crazy gorgeous images! Utterly love your blog

Have a fab weekend



Viva La Fashion said...

i love this post! the quotes were amazing. absolutely loved them. :D

rouli said...

hey girl!

here u have a very cute blog!

lovely posts and thoughts!

im imrressed...cause i many times have thought of what u re sayin in the first pic...!!!!!!!:))

thanx for visitin!

keep in touch!



Bárbara said...

these are inspirational, specially the first part about appearing in others pictures.. never though of it but you are right...

ferminadaza said...

Love the oscar wilde quote

Beth said...

I think about that too! I have tons of photos with strangers in the background, so I know I must be looking goofy in the background of someone else's photos.

marlee said...

I always think about that . How many moments of soemone's life have I made an impact in and who thinks I maybe a special part of their life . very thought provoking questions =]

&& i totally get the second one . as the youth, we tend to think we know everything until you get to a certain age and realize you really don't know jack lol you never will know everything, just enough =]

btw im going to follow your blog, love it !